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Loog Pro Electric VI White with Amp

  • The ideal first
  • Half Scale 6 string guitar
  • Built in
  • Ages: 9+
  • Fully assembled and ready
    to play
  • Includes flashcards with
    chord diagrams
  • Full access to the Loog
    app (iOS and Android)

The new Loog electric guitars have a built-in amplifier and speaker. Yep. We managed to fit an amplifier and a speaker in there! And we did it in a quite subtle way; there’s virtually no extra weight, no awkward knobs or controls and the classic Loog guitar silhouette stays unchanged. The Loog Pro Electric VI is Loogs first six string guitar. It now offers a complete pathway for students as young as 3, right through to 50. The Loog Vi still offers a thinner neck on a half saze scale guitar, which means it is much easier for learners to grip and reach chords. Each guitar comes with picks, chord flash cards and an accompanying app that will have you playing on day one.

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The App

The App

When you get a Loog, you get more than just a guitar; you get an instrument bundled with an app that has everything you need to start playing songs: video lessons, a tuner and even a digital songbook so you can learn guitar by playing real songs.

(Beatles, Stones, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and more)


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