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Original 6 String Guitar Capo With ETI Bar


6 String Clik ETI standard Profile PC-6-ETI (Smokey Chrome)


The Clik™ ETI (Enhanced Tone Innovation) gives you easy, one-handed adjustment, an advanced quick-release button, and can be stored behind the nut when not in use.  Plus, the Paige Clik ETI features a patented bar system. In essence the bar acts like a nut requiring little tightening.  This greatly reduces the need for retuning when you move the capo. The bar system consists of specialized outserts made of a nut like material individually molded for each string.  Each outsert has a radius to ensure that the string always positions in the center even after string bending.  Underneath the individual  pieces lies a rubber cushion that allows for even pressure and adapts to the radius of the fretboard.  Resulting in  buzz free sustain with a more natural, bright sound almost as if you were not using a capo. There is no more worry of your guitar pulling out of tune while maintaining a great sustain.
Handmade in America since 1988
Unique patented design
Controllable tension
No string buzz or muting
Moves quickly and easily
Conveniently stores behind the nut
ETI bar
How to use:
Make sure the capo screw is twisted to the full open position and place the capo on the fretboard securing the clip.
Push the screw to tighten the capo.
Turn the screw for precision adjustment.
Do not over-tighten
Before releasing the Clik release button,  loosen the thumb screw 1/4 turn. This will relieve the tension and prolong the life of the releasing mechanism. Now ‘Click’ for full release.
Can store behind the nut when not in use
Width: 2 1/16” (2.062)
Open Depth: 1 1/8” (1.125)
Closed Depth: 11/16”
Radius: Fits to the 10th fret on standard 1 11/16” neck. Can be used on wider profiles, but not as far up the neck

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