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Patriot Amber Custom

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This Custom Collection explores some unique colors and marries them with the premium Patriot feature set on the Patriot Custom.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 108 × 10 × 10 cm

Michael Kelly



The Great 8 electronics mod is one of our most demanded mods. With this mod we double the sonic spectrum of our two-humbucker instruments. You still have the full powered tone of each humbucker and the traditional settings to give you neck, bridge or both. With Great 8 we add two push-pull switches to the volume and tone knobs, that when pulled up one coil of the humbucker is disengaged giving you a cleaner single coil tone. You can control each pickup separately, maximizing your options. What can you do with 8 sonic options?



Modern C Neck

Comfort without sacrifice, that is how you might describe our Modern-C shape. The size is what many would call medium to medium-thin and the shape is a really smooth and comfortable round shape. The thin profile makes it faster than the typical vintage neck, while the carefully contoured C-shape makes it comfortable for extended playing.

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