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Empress Effects – Para EQ MKII Deluxe


3 bands of parametric EQ, each with fully adjustable Q
width knobs for perfectly detailed EQ curves, give you
an extremely flexible EQ. Setting the Q wide is great for
general tone shaping and is extremely transparent. A
medium Q setting is perfect for everyday problem
solving like pulling out boxiness from the low mids to
reduce harshness and adding a bit in the upper mids.
Setting the Q to narrow excels at notching out problem
frequencies and is a saviour for acoustic guitarists
when combating feedback issues. The ParaEq Deluxe
also includes gorgeous sounding baxandall high and
low shelving filters for even more added control and
12/dB/oct high and low pass filters for maximum signal
cleanup, leading to the most fully featured guitar pedal
EQ available.
The Boost section offers +30dB of clean boost and can
be set to engage with the EQ section to act as a
make-up gain when doing subtractive EQ, or can be
used completely separately as a pure clean boost.
Great for bumping up your volume for solos, or hitting
the front end of a tube amp for a bit more break-up.
The signal path of the ParaEq MKII and ParaEq Deluxe
consists of the highest quality components chosen to
deliver a perfectly organic tone. The transparent and
sweet sounding EQ enhances your sound without
masking the pure tone of your instrument, whether it be
guitar, bass, synthesizer, or the human voice. We’ve increased the headroom significantly up to 27V internally, meaning it’ll be a real challenge to make this thing clip. Did we mention it’s noise free? We measured the distortion to be less than 0.05%, resulting in a pristine sound. True bypass means you’ll never worry if your tone has been sucked dry. Advanced configurations allow for buffered bypass, independence between EQ and boost controls, and startup state configurability. Top-mounted jacks mean the pedal can be patched up into your pedalboard as cleanly as it sounds and occupy a fraction of the space compared to our old enclosures.



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