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FENIX (Rock FET distortion)


The Fenix is one of Foxgear?s most versatile overdrive/distortion pedals, and it one of those ?go-to? pedals that make it an indispensable member of a guitarist?s tone arsenal. Thanks to Foxgear?s pioneering distortion circuitry, ?DynaFET?? the Fenix covers a wide-range of distorted tones, from early ?70s overdrive to modern hard-rock sounds and the great swath of all the dirt in between. It?s got a sensible and tweakable three band EQ, top jacks (so cables do not intrude on neighboring pedals), true bypass switching, gain and volume controls. The Fenix by Foxgear is in a compact, illuminated housing and made of durable components that can take the heat of rough and tumble rock?n roll life.

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