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MANIC (Vintage Fuzz)


Inspired by Jimi?s sought-after tone, the Manic is a Vintage Fuzz Face,but in an intuitive, very easy-to-use package. Often, guitaristspurchase a fuzz pedal and plug it into a clean amp only to realize thatit sound terrible. Not Jimi-like at all. The trick is that a vintagefuzz needs to be placed into a preamp that is already in the edge ofsaturation. Then the guitarist lowers the guitar?s volume knob to getthe perfect sound and fuzz feel. With the Manic, we wanted to make yourlife easier. The Manic by Foxgear allows you place your fuzz into yourpedalboard then directly into a clean amp, yet still reaching the best,touch responsive, organic, dynamic, fuzzy sound you have ever heard.

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