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T7E BABY ( STEREO, 4 heads Vintage Italian Echo)


After the great success of the FOXGEAR Echosex Baby, we pushed our next project the FOXGEAR T7E Baby to the max, expanding on the features of our famous ?Binson-inspired? circuit, plus with the complete palette of options that the original Binson Echorec T7E offered, with a full 4 Heads combination, STEREO ENGINE, Three working modes Echo, Repeat, Swell, and the ability to recall the Swell mode as a ?preset? with a dedicated footswitch. Size: the new FOXGEAR T7E Baby enclosure makes it one of most pedal board-friendly of the ?Binson-inspired? pedals: only 3,5? x 5?!! ( 9 x 13cm.)
Connections: the FOXGEAR T7E Baby is equipped with full Stereo Input &output, and an internal stereo engine that works on a phase and split-frequency resulting in an unbelievable stereo 3D effect for an outstanding and lush ambient tone.
Switching: Now available with 2 footswitches handling bypass, that is a real True Bypass assisted by relay, that lets you put it at the end of your chain between stereo pedals, and a very useful SWELL footswitch, to immediately recall the swell mode (reverb) in order to have two different presets for your ambient/echo tone.
Motor Speed adjust: along with the other cool features of the old Echosex Baby, we?ve added this control, that let you increase the overall delay time, you can mimic a slowered speed of the magnetic drum. This allows the FOXGEAR T7EBaby over 800ms of long, lush delay, keeping the 4 heads in sync, no matter what combination of head you are using.

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